Monday, July 16, 2012

From pink to BLUE- so much to do!

SO much to do indeed! 

Since the shock of last week's SURPRISE gender reveal has worn off it has been quickly replaced with what seems like insatiable nesting

As my dad put it, "we can't bring home baby boy Ferguson to a room full of butterflies!"

So we've been working! 

First was the packing away of all things GIRL: Pinks, butterflies, artwork, more butterflies, dresses, flowers, and even MORE butterflies!

Then we started brainstorming ideas for baby JE's nursery.  His Daddy came up with the idea of "trees," reminiscent of the tree described in Psalm 1

So trees it is!

This week we will paint the formerly PINK wall with a sweet shade of sky blue.  And then on that wall we are going to put these AMAZING birch tree wall decals that we just ordered from Etsy in a chocolate brown:

I also worked on letters for my newest little man!
I know I said I wouldn't put his name on the blog- but I really want you to see the colors :)!  Plus his name isn't "Jon"... these 3 letters just "happen" to show you all three colors patterns that I used to make his name:

My sweet sister also "customized" the painting she made us months ago- now it's perfect for her newest nephew!

Beautiful right?

More pictures to come as the paint hits the walls and trees begin to make their mark on JE's nursery!

I also want to leave you all with the assurance that I am WELL and EXCITED!  Many of you, sweet friends, have called and texted to check in on me and see how I'm feeling.  I think I have felt EVERY possible emotion over the last few days but I feel MOST DEEPLY that I am LOVED by my Heavenly Father and I am incredibly excited to meet my son. I'm a blessed mama indeed- and SOON we will be Cinco Mariposas!

Love you all!
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Lara said...

You sound so calm!! I would be freaking ;) Love the tree theme!

Lara said...
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heather shelton said...

i am so happy I get to spend time with you this week at VBS! what a special time=) i love seeing the Lord all over you...

Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

That is so cute!!!!