Thursday, July 12, 2012


The most efficient way to begin this post is to show you this picture…

Yep!  You read correctly!  After yesterday’s day of appointments and ultra sound we received the surprise of surprises to learn that the baby we had been chosen to parent was a healthy, active baby BOY!

Talk about an unexpected twist!

I’m going to assume that all of you reading this for the first time have about 1,000,000 questions- as I did when I first heard the news! 

Here are a few things we know for sure
·         God is GOOD and he can be trusted (Psalm 37:5).

·         God has always know exactly what baby he would bring into our family and what it would take to bring us together.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

·         God has promised to give us everything we need to love and care for the baby he has chosen for us. (Philippians 4:19)

·        God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet that illuminates our path- just one step at a time.  The Lord asks us all to move in obedience, one step at a time, sometimes without carrying the full burden of knowledge of what is down the path.

·         God has gone to GREAT lengths to bring this baby boy into our family (including a MISREAD initial ultra sound that afforded L an opportunity to choose us, a waiting for Girl family!)

·         This baby BOY will be our 3rd SON!

·         We are EXCITED beyond words to welcome J.E. into the Ferguson family!  (side note:  we’ve decided not to post his name here on the public blog as a safety precaution- but we are eager to share it elsewhere!  Here on this blog we will refer to him as JE going forward J)

Believe me, I KNOW this is a lot to process, especially for those of you that have been praying alongside us for a “Ruth”!  I will leave you to your thoughts and welcome your questions- any time!  Feel free to email Niles and me at

Here are a few more pictures of my 3rd little man!


Sherry May said...

Eek! So very exciting!! Overflowing with excitement for all of you.

Mary said...

Having 3 boys is a blast! You're going to LOVE it!

Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

Oh, Lordy, Lordy! I am picking my jaw up off the floor! This is hilarious and awesome and so cool all at the same time. Man, do I love how God works! And I want you to know that you are SUPER encouraging to me right now. I feel like I'm in a "funk" now that we are just waiting for our homestudy to happen and I feel so distant from when the actual adoption will happen! Did you ever feel that way? Love and prayers your way and I can't help but think you may end up with a Ruth somewhere, because you sure did have lots of prayers for one! haha!

sweet7sour said...

haha...I love how God works. You just never know what he will do next.