Monday, July 2, 2012

Dulcius Ex Asperis

So, as I was saying, this past Friday Maria and I had our legal briefing with our adoption attorney. It was one of those conversations that brings out all the what-if's and this-and-that-could-happens. We've spent this past weekend reflecting on things and praying about this baby girl. Here's where we are: 

There's nothing easy about redemption. Emotionally, legally, spiritually, practically, nothing is easy. Otherwise it wouldn't need redeeming in the first place. Something has gone astray somewhere. Circumstances or consequences, it doesn't really matter; the fact remains that there is a baby girl that will be here around August 13. Yep, that soon. However, we can see that it really has been just enough time for us to prepare our hearts, funds, and home for what lies ahead. We are going to continue to pursue Ruthie in this adoption knowing the risks and the difficulty that lies ahead because we believe that the LORD wills it, and that our hearts are filled with love for her already. She is more valuable than the tears, tanks of gas, and tension that we will have to endure in the coming months.

Since you asked, yes, the Ferguson Clan does date back to the late 12th century in Scotland. The Sons of MacFergus back then had their tartans, coat of arms, and a nifty motto: Dulcius Ex Asperis or for those of you not update to par on your latin: Sweeter after difficulty. I know this because I am a profound historian... or researching tattoo ideas. Either way, as I was writing back our agency about our decision to move forward, this motto really resounded for me. Mostly what it echoed is the truth that as we endure hardship, trusting the sovereignty of God, He becomes sweeter to us than before. 

When David was on the run, and apparently quite fearful of his consequences and circumstances, he wrote Psalm 34. You can read it here. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Don't get David wrong. Thing's like safety and riches weren't what was sweet to him. And it surely wasn't his difficulty. "Taste and see that the LORD is good!" It is Yahweh (LORD) that is the prize. It is He who becomes sweeter through our difficulty. Why? Because it's only by his loving mercy and crazy grace that we can do anything at all. Likewise, we don't what you get us wrong, either. So here goes:

The Fergusons have only been able to discern our call, move in faith, raise funds, pursue Ruthie because of the LORD's grace. Otherwise, we'd by spiritually deaf to any call, paralyzed by fear, unmotivated, and ultimately unfruitful in our efforts - or worse, prideful of "all we've accomplished."

No, in fact, it is the sovereign, merciful, gracious Lord of the universe, Yahweh, who has done everything, and has become more sweet to us than ever through it all. The next several months will be difficult, but then again redemption is never easy, but it is sweet. 

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