Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Psalm 27:14

Today I am clinging to this verse:

Our precious birthmother-to-be, "K" is due in "just" 18 days.  

I say "just" because it feels like FOR-EV-ER away...

I am reading a wonderful book entitled "The Open Adoption Experience" and it pretty accurately describes how I'm feeling right now:

"The adoptive parents may feel that these last weeks are taking longer than the many years they have spent trying to become a family.  They may be torn between being excited about the arrival of the baby, which they hope will mean taking the baby home and becoming her parents, and being fearful that the birth mother will decide to parent the baby herself.  Their excitement is further tempered by knowing the pain and sadness that will be experienced by the birth mother if she proceeds with the adoption plan.  They may be tempted to try to avoid thinking about the birth by keeping busy at work or with projects, taking a vacation or by detaching themselves from the process. "

But I will take courage!  
And I will wait for the Lord with great hope.

As far as details go- there is not much to update.  
Any day now we expect a detailed hospital plan from K's attorney that will outline the specific details of K's desired hospital stay (including when/if she wants to see us in the hospital, when we can see the baby, who will care for the baby in the hospital, whether or not we will have an "entrustment ceremony" etc).   We haven't heard any news regarding K or the baby's progress but we believe "no news is good news" in that area.  Other than that we are quietly, as-patiently-as-possible waiting to hear that our baby girl is on the way!  

I will keep this blog as up to date as possible in coming days.  

We ask for your prayers and look forward with EAGER anticipation to the day we can introduce you all to our baby girl!

Friday, February 8, 2013

We Are Ready. We Are Filled With Hope.

Since my last post we have been busily preparing for the arrival of our baby girl.   Thanks to one of my beautiful friend's help this week I was able to finally COMPLETE my sweet Ruth's nursery and rearrange furniture in all three bedrooms!  It seems that my "nesting" has extended beyond Ruthie's nursery to include the entire house :).

I'm sure however, that what YOU want to see is baby girl's nursery...


(Is this owl precious or what?)

A HUGE thank you to Ruth's Titi Diana for this sweet detail!

And did you see the puzzle on the wall?

This beautiful puzzle is one of the most special things in her nursery.

And here are some close-ups of Ruthie's crib area. 
 (My goal is eventually to hang this mobile on a branch coming off one of the wall trees.)

Here are a few more close-ups...

I've joked with friends saying that by this point I should be an expert in nursery design... I mean this is the 3rd time I've designed a nursery after all :) (nursery #1 and nursery #2)!

(note: if you are new to our blog I encourage you to go back and read our story from the beginning- it's been a nutty and beautiful adventure!)

All kidding aside Ruthie's nursery has been a labor of love from the beginning.  It was a small way I could do something to prepare and express my deep love for the baby the Lord has just for us.

We have lovingly poured over the details of Ruth's nursery.
We have warm blankets and clean sheets.
We have her clothes in drawers.
We have diapers on the changing table.
We have toys organized and ready to be played with.

We have a carseat and all the funds we need be able to bring her home...

And by God's grace we have hearts filled with hope that our baby girl will be home with us soon.


We ask for your prayers for our precious birthmother as she endures the last 3 weeks of her pregnancy. May the Lord cover her with his feathers and shelter her with his wings.  And may she always know the Lord's promises Lord's promises are her armor and protection.

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