Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ruth's Nursery- additions!


Just a quick post today to show you some additions to our baby girl's nursery.  The first is a beautiful original painting by my amazingly talented sister.  All I asked for was a canvas with Ruth's verse which is Psalm 91:4... and here is the beautiful piece she came up with:

 Beautiful, isn't it?

The second piece was inspired by a beautiful (and expensive!) butterfly mobile I saw at Pottery Barn Kids recently.  I absolutely fell in love with it when I was there and resolved to try to make it myself.  A styrofoam ring, some spray paint, ribbon, a butterfly punch, some paper, clear craft string and some glass beads later... 

tah-dah!  I love the pics on the bottom that are "Ruth's view".

That's all for today! 

As a friend advised- I am going now to do some streches to prepare for our marathon of photoshoots this Saturday! 

 Thanks to all who signed up- it looks like it's going to be an awesome day of photographs and fundraising.


Electra L Hutchison said...

Beautiful! I can see you standing over that crib staring at your sweet Ruthie!

Diana said...

I agree with Leslie!! Only a matter of time before the Lord puts little Ruthie in that beautiful room! :) Wo-hoo!

Vanessa Traylor said...

I LOVE the butterfly mobile! :) I might have to highlight that on my blog! :)

Maria Ferguson said...

Thanks everybody! And Vanessa- go for it! :)