Friday, July 6, 2012

A different kind of butterfly

Today the butterflies I am experiencing aren't the beautiful and brightly colored kind- I'm excited and a bit nervous!  Today is the day we meet the mother that has chosen us- today we meet "L."  We will meet her with our social worker and share our lives over lunch. 

Our desire is for her to feel our love for her and her baby.  For her to know our admiration of her selfless decision.  For her to feel confirmation in her choice of our family. And above all for the name of the Lord to be high and lifted up!

We ask for your prayers for the Holy Spirit to guide our conversation and ease all of our nerves.  

Eagerly waiting to become a family of 5!


Sherry May said...


Electra L Hutchison said...

Praying she will see what we all see in your sweet family and how much you all will love that sweet baby!

Mary said...

Praying, but knowing that she will know the gift she is giving a wonderful family, and be at peace about it!

sweet7sour said...

I am in Antigua eating breakfast at a bagel shop and I am about to burst into tears. I am so excited for you guys.