Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Join us in some MUDDY FUN!

This will be a “muddy” week indeed!

First, Niles and I will be competing in an insane mudrun this
weekend in Columbia, SC.

Niles team also includes my brother and my DAD and my team is full of fiesty women.  We have been “training” (and I use that term loosly) for several months and are eager to experience the messy fun!

I can’t wait to tackle this obstacle in particular:

HA!  That is going to be intense! 

And the second reason we are excited about MUD this week is that we received our  MudLOVE bands today!


 I mentioned in a previous post that we ordered these personalized bands to help in our fundraising efforts. And they're here! 

MudLove bands make us excited for several reasons:
  • For one, they look awesome!
  • They are handcrafted by founder, Luke Wright in IL.
  • Luke gives 20% of all sales to clean water in Africa through a faith-based organization, ICDI, a company dedicated to providing, equipping, and empowering people in the Central African Republic with the essential tools and knowledge to survive and thrive in their country! Yeah!
  • Each band provides clean drinking water for an African for a year!!!

And if all those reasons weren't enough:
  • Luke has agreed to partner with us to help fundraise our adoption by
  • handcrafting, personalized bands with Ruth’s verse, Psalm 91:4!!

What more reasons could anyone need to order one- today?

For every $15 donation to our adoption fund, we will send you a “Psalm 91:4” MudLove band with either a black or brown band.  

How do I get my hands on those,
you ask?

It's easy!

You can donate below by entering your email address and clicking the "DONATE" button or you can click the "DONATE" button under the pictures on the right side of our blog anytime. 
That easy!   

All bands will ship within a week of order for those of you that are not local.  When we receive payment we will email you to request your address. 

Local friends and family, you can have yours TODAY!  You too can click the link below to donate (or pay with cash or check) and I'll be happy to drop them by you house anytime.  If you'd like to pay me in person simply email me at FergusonAdoption@gmail.com and let me know the quantity you'd like to order.
Everyone is also welcome to use the general "Donate" button located HERE for a donation amount of your choice.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions.

Join us in this MUDDY FUN and order a band
(or a bunch of them!) TODAY!

1 band per $15 donation
Enter your email address, then click donate!

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Vanessa Traylor said...

Would you send me the html code for this blog post, I will change it up to make sense and put it on my blog... I think the bands are great!!!! So excited! And Laurin Headley emailed me about you tonight! Small world! A photo shoot in COLA sounds AMAZING!!!