Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Waiting on the Lord- in Infertility

The Lord calls families to grow by way of adoption in a variety of voices.  For some it is a mission trip oversees that gives a young woman the deep desire to adopt.  For others the Scriptures come alive and seem to speak the conviction into their heart.  For others, like me, the calling from the Lord seems to come from no where but is so "loud" that it is almost as if it was audible.  And still others the Lord moves through the pain and difficulty of infertility. 

In honor of “National Infertility Awareness Week” I'd like to share the story of a childhood friend with you.  It is a story of the Lord drawing a couple closer to himself and giving them the faith they need along the way. 
[Quick side note- the Reinstein's have not adopted- not yet anyways :).  I just want to share their story as it relates to all of us that are a waiting and trusting in the Lord.  Whether we are waiting to become parents, waiting for the Lord to bring us our babies through adoption, waiting on the Lord to provide necessary funds... we wait with the faith of Psalm 37 where we are told to"Commit your way to the Lordtrust in him, and he will act."]

'I encourage you to get a nice warm cup of coffee as you settle in to read this beautiful storyDouble the Reinsteins... Double the Fun:Don't Ignore...My Infertility Journey

For more encouragement and reminders of the Lord's SOVEREIGN will at play I'd also encourage you to read my friend Michelle's blog entitled Infertility and Adoption.  Start there and enjoy the ride!  Without ruining the surprise I'll go ahead and let you know she's currently writing another blog entitled Psalm 113 which begins with the post Witness A Miracle.

I pray your faith grows as you read about the lives of these two women that love the Lord.


Erin R said...

Maria, thank you for sharing my story - I am honored! You guys continue to be such an inspiration to me - I can't wait to see God's plan unfold. You and little Ruthie are in my prayers!

Michelle said...

So, I"m sitting at Panera, by myself, with full intentions of updating my blog for the first time in...seven months, I think. I decide to check your blog. I read the title to this post and get a lump in my throat and chill bumps all over my body. Even after having two beautiful girls, my heart still beats in tune with those who wait...including you, friend. I love you deeply!