Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Help us choose a fundraiser!

Good morning friends!
This will be a quick opinion post and I'd REALLY love your input:

We are about to order an adoption fundraiser: a bracelet!  And we are between two choices as to what to write on the bracelets.  We want to know which has the greater appeal. 

Here is what the bracelets will look like:
And here are our two choices:

1 line of text that says "Psalm 91:4" (will look similar to the "Redeemed" one above)
2 lines of text that read "He is faithful" (will look similar to the "Love with Abandon" one above)

I love BOTH options as both say the same thing in different ways about our Father.  We have chosen that Psalm as "Ruth's Promise" from the Lord and it speaks to his faithful protection of her...

Please comment here and let me know which you like best.  Thank you!!


steve said...

single line - redeemed

Two reasons. I like the word a lot and the single line block will feel better on the wrist than the two line block.

Danielle said...

I like Psalm 91:4

steve said...

I guess I should have read better. Still one line. He is Faithful

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone I can order one of these? :)