Monday, June 25, 2012

A Story only the Lord could author

Hold on folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

I have a story to tell you, a story that only God could write.

This afternoon, around 2:00, I received a phone call from the Charleston agency we were expecting to hear from on Wednesday. I held my breath, said the quickest prayer of my life (Lord!), and ran out the back door to take the call on the back deck. Denice informed me that the placement committee had decided to meet over the weekend and that she wanted to let me know they had chosen another family.

Hope was not going to be a Ferguson after all.

As she described the family they had chosen I realized what a perfect fit they were. The selection committee chose an African American couple, that had no other children and had a pediatrician in the family. What a beautiful provision for sweet baby Hope! Two parents that could dote on her with their full attention and provide her the necessary medical care should any special needs arrive. They were the perfect fit.

Now I could see how the other family was a perfect fit- but that certainly didn’t mean I FELT like she should grow up with them!

No, I just felt like I forgot how to breathe.

The little baby I was already beginning to love was not coming home.

So after I hung up with Denice, I decided to call my mom and then Niles. Through tears I briefly shared our disappointment. Niles lovingly assured me that we would be ok and I believed him- but I just didn’t feel like it. I then called a couple other close friends to share the sad news. With each call my heart was encouraged by our family in Christ that cried when I cried and grieved when I grieved. They prayed for us and promised to give us space to grieve but said they would be minutes away should we need anything.

With each call the news became more and more difficult to share so I was preparing to send a text to share the news with many that had been praying with us.  Well the thought of that was more than I could handle, so I called Niles and asked him to please come home. Of course he said yes and was on his way in minutes.

Then I just got the idea to call Sharon, the director of our agency in Rock Hill. She was the one that had given us the information about baby Hope. She and I had spoken over the weekend as well while I was a little stir-crazy in my waiting and needed advice. Sharon answered right away and I told her who I was (I’m sure she didn’t recognize my voice with all the snotty, sniffles and tears!). I told her that the other agency had decided to place Hope with another family. I told her how happy I was for Hope but how sad I was for us. She listened so patiently and comforted me. I then started to tell her of my plans to give our portfolio to a local attorney to see if he too could help us look for our baby… then she said:

“Honey, I have news for you that is probably going to change everything.”
To which I replied- “alright I’m ready!”

Then she said
I’m just walking in the door from an appointment with a birthmother and...


I literally fell on the grass in the back yard! It was as though I was in a TWISTED dream and I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t! Turns out that just an hour before (when I was getting the call about Hope’s new family!) the birthmother had chosen our family for her baby! She was excited about us for a number of reasons but the one Sharon shared with me was because I was Puertorican! As it turns out, she is part Puertorican as well!!

Side note- if you’ve been following this blog since the beginning you know that the FIRST place we felt led to look to adopt from was Puerto Rico! Now I see why that didn’t work out- she was part Puertorican but living in York County!

So from the beginning of my grief to this incredible twist the Lord allowed just over an hour! What immense grace and mercy- what a gift.  A beautiful picture of Psalm 91:4- covering us with his feathers and sheltering us with his wings!

There is so much more to tell, so much more to process. But for now I wanted you all to know that your prayers were answered. Baby Hope is going to grow up in the home the Lord perfectly and sovereignly chose for her. Your prayers for her healing have been heard and the Lord has MOVED AND HEALED! I am convinced that if Niles and I had not been in the running for her placement there might not have been anyone to pray for that sweet baby. And thanks to all of you I am sure hundreds of thousands of prayers were lifted up on her behalf. Thank you for your obedient and faithful prayers. Thank you for hoping with us and for your encouragements. I pray that our story sheds light on the awesomeness of GOD- on his goodness and his steadfast love of his people. To him be ALL GLORY AND HONOR!

And now we have the added joy of being “expectant parents” again! I promise more details soon but for now I will leave you with a tease-

Our baby’s mother has a scheduled c-section on Monday, August 13th!
That’s 49 days from now :)


heather shelton said...

my heart is so happy...

Mary said...

You sure know how to get a girl crying first thing in the morning! The Lord works in mysterious ways! :)

Mandy Haynes said...

Ahhh Maria I am overjoyed at what the Lord has done and cannot stop crying I am so happy for you guys!!

Leah aka Momma O said...

I'm so close to tears! God is so good, even when we don't see His big plan all the time. Congrats you guys!

P.S. If you ever have communication with your birthmom, please let her know I'd love to be a support if she needs someone to talk to whose been there :-)

Erin R said...

I am beyond excited for you Maria - crying tears of joy. What a beautiful story. Can't wait for Aug 13th!

Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

Holy, Moly!!!! That's completely awesome!!! Love you and I am SO excited!

Paula Lowther said...

I love this... yes, only from God- the Mysterious One!