Monday, June 25, 2012

In his Word we hope, by his strength we wait.

As we wait to hear (Wednesday) if we will be baby Hope's forever family we will wait with expectant hope!

As we wait we will also celebrate the mighty HEALING the Lord has already done in this precious baby!

Here is part of the report I received last Thursday:

The MRI scan was done last night. Everything appeared to be NORMAL J. No signs of brain injury were noted at this time. In addition, her nurses and doctor told me that they are very optimistic & that Hope ‘appears’ to have “appropriate neurology”…. A kidney scan was also done and that looks good; no problems were noted there either.

Isn't the Lord AMAZING!!

Hope is still on a ventilator. She has a lot of secretions in her lungs so it is anticipated that it might be a couple more days before she is able to breathe on her own. The good news is that the ventilator is almost on the  minimal setting! Let us continue to pray that the secretions find their way out of her body so that little Miss can begin breathing on her own and taking a bottle! Maybe she's just waiting for her Mommy to give her her first bottle...hmmm... maybe! :)  Let’s keep praying!

As I mentioned above, early this week the agency will form a placement committee (Tuesday) that will meet to make their decision.  Please join us in prayer that the Lord will make ABUNDANTLY CLEAR which family is Hope’s forever family to the entire room.  Pray that they would all seek the Lord individually and depend on HIS guidance to make their choice- not merely the facts on paper in front of them.

The committy will notify all waiting families by Wednesday.  We hope and pray that above all the Lord’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your prayers and support.  You all mean the world to us.

In all of the uncertainty we are facing we will lean on the steadfast love and strength of our LORD!

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Michelle said...

When I read the first line, that you would find out on Wednesday, I was flooded with sudden emotion. I had a thought the other night--what if you guys had not been candidates for Hope's adoption? What if you and your community hadn't been praying for this precious baby girl in her difficult first days? What would her condition be? God has already used you guys to bring about healing in Hope's life! All glory to God!! We love you guys and are praying without ceasing!!