Thursday, June 21, 2012


Oh how I have hoped for this day! I am not sure how else to begin this post than just to get straight to our news:
Niles and I received an email yesterday from the director of our agency passing along information (from another agency) about a baby girl in Charleston that needed a family.
Here is what we know:
·        She was born last Wednesday, June 13th, at MUSC in Charleston.
·        She weighed 7lbs 4 ounces at birth.
·        When she was born there were medical complications and she had to be resuscitated.
·        It is possible that during and after delivery this baby’s brain was injured- we are not yet sure if this is the case nor to what extent.
·         She is in serious but stable condition in the NICU of MUSC.
We also know that her mother made a selfless and loving decision to surrender her parental rights at the hospital.
Before she surrendered her rights, she named the baby...
Hope.  Of all the names in the world this sweet baby girl could receive… apart from maybe “Ruth”the name “Hope” could NOT have spoken any louder to us. 
Just last weekPastor Skip preached from 1 Samuel 10 in a sermon entitled
“God, Signs and Confirmations” (I encourage you to listen to it!)…
In this Sermon Skip taught us about the way “God Calls” his people, then gives signs of confirmation and then empowers them to do what He has called them to do.  (God has great timing- don't you think? J)
Lets just say that the Lord gave us sign after sign after sign yesterday! 
I want to share some of these with you in the hope that your faith will grow as our has!
·        The baby’s name is Hope.
·        The placement fee (money due to the agency at the time of placement) is the EXACT amount we have raised to date.
·        After Niles heard the news of baby Hope he went to a Godly friend and co-worker to ask her to pray.  When he gave her the information of Hope’sbirth she said “we share the same birthday!”
·        I received a letter, just 30 minutes prior to our news, from a young lady that said she hoped our Ruthie would be in our arms“sooner rather than later” and her last name HAPPENS TO BE Hope.
·        Baby Hope is to be discharged from the Hospital just days after Niles’s summer bonus hits our account which will cover all of our expected legal fees.
·        The entire time I was on the phone outside with the agency, attorney, friends/family (at least 3 hours!) I was SURROUNDED by butterflies.  Seriously, they were everywhere.
·        When Niles and I sat down last evening to write down some of these “signs” this song came on our Pandora station

And the list goes on and on! We are so grateful that our Father has shown us so clearly what our next step should be- we are pursuing this little girl and praying that she will join our family!
So now what happens?
Now, again, we wait.
We wait for the agency to receive our adoption portfolio as well as our approved home study (tomorrow morning). 

Then, we wait for the agency- here is a part of an email from them: 
We are in the process now of collecting home studies & portfolios from families that are seriously interested &committed to following through with adopting this little girl, should they be chosen.  Our goal is to find the very best family for her that is equipped to deal with any special needs that she may have.  I anticipate that we will make decision on this within a week or less.
So we wait.  And we hope.  And we wait some more.
We desire for baby Hope to join our family and become Ruth Hope Ferguson.  Our greatest desire is for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 



Sherry May said...

Maria! Oh, how I rejoice for you and Niles. I have quietly watched this journey ensue, prayed for you both, and somewhat relived my opposing journey through what you have often shared here. I thank God for how He's blessing you and your faith through this.

“And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you." -Ps. 39:7.

Electra L Hutchison said...

I can hardly wait to hear some news!!!! This sounds like a child sent from God for your family! I have been praying all day for Little Hopes health. Her story makes me think about the family that birthed her and I have been praying for them too. God has a special plan for everyone here in this. I pray for His great and mighty will.

Lianne @ a content housewife {blog} said...

This is beautiful news!!!! Praying for you, your family, Hope, and her family!!!

What a lovely blessing!

Megan Papandreas said...

Maria and Niles,
I have read your story as it unfolds online. What an incredible display of God answering our prayers! I continue to pray for you and your family through this exciting time. Keep us all posted on how this goes!
Megan Powell Papandreas

Liz Hope said...

Maria, I'm in tears of joy for you!!! Yay for HOPE!!! Signs from Heaven are the best! So excited for you and your family! Can't wait to hear more updates!!

Eternal's MVP Team said...

Maria, It really did increase faith to read all of your signs and confirmations. What a beautiful picture that the Lord is painting for you and your wonderful family! I am praying today for you guys and Baby Hope and that you will not have to wait too much longer! What a wonderful family you all are...praying that God´s will includes Baby Hope to expand your family! Much love to all of you!

Melissa said...

MARIA!!!! I almost started to cry! What joy this brings me. I know you have prayed and "hoped" for this day to come for so long. If you need a place to stay or whatever while in Charleston please let me know!

Kylie said...

I, too, have been praying all day for "Ruthie Hope" as I have been calling her today! :) I'm sure there's no surprise that I am crying as I try to read this out loud to Chann and his parents! You have all of our prayers! Love you!!! Know that you have our love and support no matter the outcome! Just call and let us know how and when we can help!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so humbled and excited about the possibility of Baby Hope being my grandaughter and the newest member of this crazy but loving family. I know that God has the last word here and that He is in control.
Love you guys!
Mami :)

Heather Rene'e Harrington said...

I am in full emotion overload after reading this! I can only think of one thing.. How GREAT Is Our GOD! Who could question... Who could doubt? After following your blog and reading back from the start a few onths ago, it is a true blessing to be invoved only as a fan of your journey! You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, as well as my life group. We are sending love from sunny Florida right to your door! I HOPE & HOPE for your journey to take a new turn with a beautiful baby girl, Ruth Hope in your arms! Unending Blessings for you and your growing family. Heather Ryan Ryan Jr. Ricky & Robby Harrington

Elizabeth Mobley said...

Maria and Niles, I had goosebumps reading this post! Your beautiful story has been such a testimony to your faith (and hope, of course). I couldn't help but notice as I read, the titles of this week's posts on the left side of the page. Your focus on hope didn't happen by chance! I pray that the next steps are positive for you and go as smoothly as possible.

Kimberly Cash said...

Your testament of God's signs is beautiful and wonderful! Simply Amazing, I look forward to hearing the next round of news!

Kyra Corley said...

Rejoicing with you sweet friend. It was my adoption story and your heart for adoption that joined us together and though we have not seen nor spoken much since...I have been, and continue to pray for each of you and I now find GREAT JOY in CELEBRATING with you! Words cannot express just how happy I am for ya'll right now. Super excited for the time that the Lord has determined that your child is no longer something you are waiting for...she is being held in the arms of the mom and dad our FATHER has intended all along. Hallelujah! Glory to the Lamb!

Anonymous said...

How great is our God! I have been praying to see this post for so long :) Thank you for being so faithful in this journey, it has been a great encouragement to Ben and I on ours. Praying for you guys, Hope, and her family. I hope she joins my extended family! Love you guys, MaryJo

Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

PRAISE JESUS!!! I have been checking your blog a ton lately because I have been like... okay where is this baby!!! I'm so excited and what a beautiful story! I will be praying that RUTH HOPE joins your family soon! Praying, Praying, Praying!!!!

Jennifer said...

Tears of joy! I love the signs the Lord is showing you- Hope and butterflies and Hope! What wonderful parents you would be to this beautiful little girl, and what a gift she would be to you and the boys. Praying for all of you!

Erin R said...

Oh my goodness, this news made my night - scratch that, my week! I am SO excited and "hope"ful that this sweet baby girl is meant to be a part of your family. You guys (and baby Hope) will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Sister friend!!!!! The LORD is AWESOME, isn't He? I love how He just keeps confirming little angel is meant to be yours through all of the wonderful signs!! And baby Hope is a fighter, a survivor AND most importantly an angel sent straight from the good Lord Himself!! Prayers are continuing to be lifted for you and Niles. Much love to you both!
Shannon B

Anonymous said...

Soli Deo Gloria

Diana said...

Hope is the blessed assurance of the Lord's truth, faithfulness and love. It was love, not evil, that reigned when Jesus died; His love for the Father and for us led him to the cross so that we could be forgiven! This IS our hope! I am so overwhelmed by His love right now! I know baby Hope belongs to Him, and I can't wait to see what the Lord does next in her life and yours! I am praying without ceasing that my beautiful niece would come, to the glory of God!

Michelle said...

Only God... Only God could write a story like this. Only God would have you order MudLove bracelets WEEKS ago that say, "hope." Only God could inspire you to make nursery letters that say "HOPE" way back before your yard sale. Only God could send the butterflies. Only God could bring a baby girl to the family that He determined would be hers before the foundation of the world. May it be yours, sweet friends. We will welcome her into the larger Family with SO much joy and love!! Praying fervently for you and baby Hope!!

lindsey said...

Maria and Niles,
While I was running this morning I prayed for your family and that God would place His healing hands on little Hope and that He would bless your family with a daughter. Y'all are such an inspiration to me, and it is such a joy to read your blog. It really does spread the message of HOPE!