Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turner Family MINI-Shoot

 One of the things that has been such a blessing to me during our adoption process has been watching the Lord work and provide for us through both new and old friends.  This past weekend I had the joy of photographing a sweet couple I was friends with in High School!  I haven't seen them in roughly 13ish years and yet they read our story and want to support us as we work to bring Ruth home.  That's good stuff, right?  God amazes me more each day. :)

On another note this sweet family has been patiently waiting for good weather for almost a month- and sadly "good" isn't how I would describe what we experienced Sunday!  It was a beautiful, sunny day but the WINDS felt like a HURRICANE!  None of us realized just how windy things were until we stepped out of our cars- so we decided to give the shoot a try anyway.  Lets just say everyone, including their sweet baby, were troopers!  They smiled though they were freezing from the moment e began.  Just as everyone was "warming" up to the camera (after about 25 minutes of shooting) we all decided to call it quits.  So sadly, many of the shots we wanted to try we were unable to get (without frostbite).  I plan to shoot them again SOON when it's warm and cozy outside. 
But for now, enjoy my top 9 from the day :).
Meet the Turner family!
Seriously, it was freezing and you can't even tell in these sweet smiles!

Loving that sweet baby (and trying to block the wind!)
Sweet giggles for Mama

I wasn't well positioned for good lighting in this one- but I love their expressions :)
LOVE these sweet baby blues!  Giggling with Daddy this time.

A beautiful new Mama!
You can just TELL how much these guys love each other!

Daddy protecting his family from the winds!

Turner's, I'm so very grateful that I was able to connect with you guys again! 
Thanks for blessing us with your love and support!

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