Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Precious Friends, The Crissinger Family

Niles and I have so many reasons to be thankful to our Heavenly Father- and one of those reasons (high up on our list!) is the friendship he has given us in Andy and Michelle.  They have been dear friends that Niles has know since college and I have known since they came to Eternal many, many years ago.  They have walked this crazy life with us, praying for and descipling us along the way.  Michelle was one of the first people I went to to share the Lord's call on our family to adopt- and she has been my resource and prayer partner in the journey since that day! 

The Crissingers have an INCREDIBLE story to share that I unfortunately cannot do justice to here in this post... so instead I will encourage you to read Michelle and Andy's story which begins here, Infertility and Adoption, and continues here, Psalm 113.  I PROMISE you the miracles throughout their story will grow your faith as it has mine.

Ok- so onto our shoot!  I've been wanting to photograph these sweet friends since Michelle was pregnant with Beulah- 3 years ago!   Things never lined up though until NOW!  Unfortunately, the sunshine we were hoping for did not decide to show up... so we improvised.  We created a "studio" in my livingroom using the light from the windows to shoot.  Shooting indoors is NO JOKE people!  For those of you that do this often- mad props to you.  The lighting is SO difficult to capture.  But since these are such beautiful people we were able to get a bunch of great shots :).  So without futher delay, I introduce to you The Crissingers
Beulah is almost 3 and Chayah is 6mts
Ahh!! Love this little lady!
Almost can't handle the cuteness in this one!
Saw this on Pintrest and thought I'd give it a shot :)
Now you see why their babies are so cute!
Oh Beulah, you are hilarious.
See!  Hilarious that one! 
I can't wait to have little bows in my house! :)
Oh dear, dear me.  Adorable isn't a "cute" enough word for this one.
Michelle wanted to capture her "rolls"= success!

To close I will leave you with a collage of each of these miracle babies
Thank you, Andy and Michelle, for your love and friendship! 
Praying the Lord continues to make your quiver overflow!


Michelle said...

Oh, Maria...my soul sings!!! Thank you, precious friend!!

Leigh Ann said...

SOOOO beautiful! Beautiful family, and beautiful photos... AND beautiful reason to be taking pictures :-) I sure wish our family lived closer so we could do it. Praying for you in this!!!

Danielle said...

o my gosh!!!! i have NO words....except when can i hang these in my house?

Nana Lois said...

I'm with Danielle....these are amazing...and when can I hang these in MY house?!
Nana Crissinger

Linda said...

Love this special family and God has truly blessed them with beautiful babies. What a ham Beaulah is.

Elise said...

These are perfect! can't help but smile at the lovely photos you took of this sweet family