Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Well, this here entry is to announce a web log update, or blupdate!

What exactly are these blupdates? Along with a new look, we've blupdated Cinco Mariposas to include four new pages. The first blupdate is a page dedicated to our story of adoption. It will be blupdated as we go along, but this will keep the story of God's grace and goodness to us in the forefront instead of a blog entry many moons ago. Second blupdate: donations. This blupdate I've been meaning to do for a long time, so you can now donate through PayPal to bring Ruthie home! Two last blupdates include our contact info and adoption resources, both of which will be updated as needed.

Maria and I are very excited about these blupdates, and we hope you are too. I'm also excited that I was able to create the word, blupdate, and use it in every sentance.

You're welcome, blupdate!

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