Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To Be a Mother Is a Call to Suffer

This sermon, To Be a Mother Is a Call to Suffer, by John Piper, was a perfectly timed reminder of my God's sovereignty today.  I am reminded that He is sovereign over everything- on the good days and the bad.  On the days when we've have heard more whining than we can stand- He is soverign.   During the third week in a row that someone in our home is sick- He is soverign.  On the days the wait for an answered prayer seems too long- He is soverign.  And on the glorious day when we are blessed to receive the desires of your heart- on that day too He is soverign.

Here's a quotation (from the sermon) I hope will encourage you today:
Then Steve Saint looked up at these twelve hundred people and told them the difference between the unbelieving world and the followers of Jesus. He said, "For them, the pain is fundamental and the joy is superficial because it won't last. For us, the pain is superficial and the joy is fundamental."

For all of you who are Mothers and those waiting to be made Mothers, I pray that you feel our Father close by your side today- in joy and in sorrow. 

And as we busily prepare to celebrate the birth of our King I pray God's peace and JOY be with us all.


Michelle said...

Oh, I can't wait to listen! I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Hummm...

Danielle said...

praise the Lord for the perspective Truth brings!