Wednesday, April 10, 2013

...that we might have strong encouragement

In the devotional I read yesterday (based on Hebrews 6:13-20),  John Piper says
God desires to "show"- prove, demonstrate, point out, represent, display, reveal, drive home - the hopefulness of our future.  He really wants us to feel this.  He goes the second (and third and fourth) mile to help us feel encouraged.  This is what he wants.  This is what he really wants. "...that we might have strong encouragement"

Well today these verses have seen fulfilment in my life!

Today the encouragement has come in huge waves...

...and I am joyfully drenched!

1) I received an email today (after two phone calls yesterday) from one of the organizations we applied for an adoption grant and it said:

On behalf of the foundation I am delighted to inform you that the board has approved your request for financial assistance!
 We don't yet know how much we have been awarded but we are so excited!  Every bit helps!

2) Just minutes after calling Niles to tell him that we were being awarded a grant the mailman arrived with a package I've been waiting days for- it included all of our official paperwork from the agency in Florida and about 20 ultra sound photos!

I am so, SO thrilled to share with you the first glimpse of our baby girl...

My beautiful, beloved, Ruthie B.

Oh how my heart sings at the sight of this precious baby! As if that wasn't enough for one day...

3) Just seconds after I opened the packaged I received a call from a dear friend letting me know that she had talked to her father, that "happens" to live within minutes of the hospital where Ruthie will be born, and he would like to offer us his home for as long as we might need it! 

No germy hotels, or night after night of restaurant food during our stay!  We will be in a safe and clean HOME, with a kitchen AND POOL, in sunny FLORIDA!  

God desires ME to have STRONG encouragement- and he desires that for you too.  I pray that our story would never point to anything "good" that we are trying to do but would instead point to our Almighty Father that pours his love over his children.  He has done every bit of the work to supply what we need and sustain us during the journey with encouragement and faith. He delights in us and he delights in YOU.

As I close this most encouraging post I ask that you would pray for our birthmom,  "B".  Today "just happens" to be her birthday!  My prayer for her is that she too will feel drenched with the love and encouragement from our God and from her family today!

Here's one more shot of baby girl...

With her hands in her mouth- just like her big brothers :).



Erin R said...

Reading this post puts the BIGGEST smile on my face! I am so happy for you guys! Ruthie is beautiful!!!!

Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

Oh my gosh! Look at that precious little thing! I get SO encouraged reading your blog! It's amazing to see God at work! Love y'all!