Monday, April 8, 2013

T-shirts for Ruthie!

I have said from the beginning that one of the ways the Lord has blessed us the most during our adoption journey has been in relation to our fundraisers.  Well our most recent fundraising effort has been no exception!  

After our adoption was unsuccessful in February (with birthmother K) I knew that in order to continue our journey we would have to again raise funds to recoup what we lost, plus raise additional funds should we be matched by an agency... lets just say I wasn't excited about the idea.  I KNEW that God would bless our efforts in a mighty way but I just had little momentum and couldn't really come up with an idea Niles or I were excited about.

THEN while doing some research I came across a fellow adoptive Mommy and brilliant graphic designer named Christine.  Christine adopted a gorgeous little boy in 2011 and decided she wanted to help other families follow the call to adopt.

Here is a little of what she says on her site:

We are convinced through God’s Word that caring for orphans is not a charity case or something for those that can’t have their “own” kids, but something that we as Christians are called to and a picture of what we have been given.  We have been adopted as brothers of Christ (Romans 8), we receive the inheritance as sons of God.  We are all called to care for orphans by adopting them ourselves, helping others adopt, foster care or perhaps feeding, visiting and sponsoring kids currently unavailable for adoption... I  want to continue to care for orphans now while we wait to bring our next one home, so I’m offering a few design services to help your family raise money.  

So she created:


As soon as I discovered her site I contacted Christine and applied right away!  

And then a couple days later, just 2 hours after we heard that our Florida birthmother "B" had picked us, we heard back from Christine saying she would be able to help us fundraise!  God is a most wonderful provider :)

So with all that said we are excited to announce our BRAND NEW adoption fundraiser- 


Christine has helped us design 7 different Psalm 91:4 t-shirts in a variety of colors and styles for babies, toddlers, women, and men!

Here's a quick peek at one of the women's shirts


 Amazing, right??

We are so grateful to Christine for her help with this project and hope you are as excited about these shirts as we are!

We have several thousand dollars left to raise in the next 4 weeks- and every single shirt puts us closer to fulfilling that need.  We know that God is doing a mighty work in the life of our birthmother, our baby girl and in our lives- and we invite YOU to again be an important part of this most beautiful story. 

To help us spread the word please feel free to share this post with your friends and family!  If you'd like to share our fundraiser on Facebook we would MOST appreciate it!

 "Help the Ferguson's raise the funds they need to bring Ruthie home AND get a cool tshirt! The Ferguson’s have opened an online t-shirt shop to raise funds to bring home their baby girl- and you can help!  Visit their shop at and get your shirt today!"

We thank you all in advance for your support and can't wait to see you in your new t's!

I'll leave you with my absolute favorite item in our shop:
Can't wait to see my Ruthie girl in this!!

PS- If you would like to contribute to our daughter's adoption, but prefer not to purchase a t-shirt, we humbly say "thank you". 

There are 2 ways to give:

You may donate by way of check. If you choose this option, 100% of your contribution will go to us.
You can mail us a check to our PO BOX

Ferguson Family
PO BOX 1771
Fort Mill, SC 29715


You can donate online with a credit card to our Paypal by clicking here then click the donate button and enter you desired donation.

We are MOST grateful for YOU for your support and prayers!

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