Monday, August 13, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday

Before I begin this Unbirthday post I want to take a quick moment to thank you all for your love and patience during the our unintentional blog hiatus!  Thank you for your calls and messages asking for updates on our family over the last month.  We are excited to share the details of the last month with you and look forward to sharing the fun that lies ahead! 

Now onto today's Very Merry Unbirthday update!

49 days ago, on that crazy day in June when we fond out that birthmom "L" chose us to parent her baby, our social worker told us that "L" had a scheduled c-section for August 13th.

As I'm sure you know, that's today.  Yet, baby soon-to-be Ferguson is still snug as can be inside his Mama.

So, what happened? 

Well the short version of the story is that her prenatal care has not been optimal.  She has been seen by several doctors/residents, none of which seem to agree when would be the best date for this baby to enter the world!

One doctor said she would like "L" to deliver in her 36th week (this week).  She is the one that told "L" to plan on a c-section the week of August 13th.  That doctor, however, just went on maternity leave herself and will not be returning any time soon!

Another doctor insists that they wait until the end of her 39th week to deliver (which is the week of Labor Day)- even though it is unlikely she will make it that long without going into labor on her own!   

And there are varying opinions all over the place between those two dates.

So "now what?" you ask?

Well, now AGAIN, we wait.

"L" has a sheduled c-section date of September 3rd.  It seems that my friend "L" may labor on labor day.  She will go to the doctor twice a week this week and the next two weeks to monitor the baby's growth and signs of labor.  Assuming that everything looks good to the doctors at each of those visits the c-section will go as planned on 9/3 at a hospital in Columbia (SC), just 2 days before her due date.

If "L" were to go into labor on her own prior to her scheduled c-section she will likely have an emergency c-section at CMC-Pineville (NC) as it would be unlikely that it would be safe for her to be driven an hour while in labor to the hospital in Columbia where the c-section was planned.

(Side note:  If "L" delivers in NC our paperwork/legal work is a tad more difficult/lengthy.   Because our social worker is only licensed in SC all our paperwork must be completed in SC.  This means that instead of signing over her parental rights in the hospital, she would have to be discharged and then drive to our social workers office in SC to sign her paperwork.)
How can you pray?
  • Please pray for "L" as she is uncomfortable already.  At Friday's ultra sound the technician estimated that the baby already weighed 7lbs. 4 ounces!  Her appointments (which she is supposed to go to twice/week) are in Columbia- an hour from where she lives.  Pray for endurance, strength and patience. 
  • Please pray for our social worker, that she will know how best to love and serve "L" in the coming days.
  • Please pray that "L"s support system will know how to love and care for her- especially her Mother, Sister and church family. 
  • Please pray for ease in delivery and a quick recovery for her body and healing for her heart.
  • Please pray for "L" to have the supernatural strengh she will need to follow through with the adoption plan she has made.  An adoption plan needs to be affirmed many times in this process and I can only imagine it would be more difficult each time- especially after meeting the baby you will place in someone else's arms.
And for us, please pray for a continued focus on and trust in our Heavenly Father.  He has shown himself to us, without question, every step of the way.  He has given us the courage and faith we have needed to walk and our steps have led us to this baby.  We have fallen in love with this precious little man and his Mama and we want the Lord's will to be done in their lives as it is in heaven. 

We look forward with eager and expectant hope to the day when sweet baby "J" will officially become a part of our family- we know with certainty that he is already a part of our hearts.

"May he grant you your heart's desire
and fulfill all your plans!" -Psalm 20:4

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