Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet the Hagmans!

The Lord has been full of surprises for me along this adoption journey.  One of those surprises came the day one of my high school friends contacted me to say that she would like to contribute to our adoption fundraising and she was interested in a photo shoot.  It has been over  11 years since I saw this sweet friend and here she is praying alongside us as we work to bring our baby home!  One of my favorite surprises so far.

So now I can introduce you all to the Hagmans!

Lindsey, it was a pleasure to meet you as a grown-up and to meet your hubby Joe!  It’s such blessing to spend time with you so many years later and to know that you are praying for us.   I am exceedingly grateful for your support and of course for a chance to hang out with your nutty dogs :)    
Speaking of which, a HUGE thank you to my lovely assistant, Diana, whom I couldn’t have done this shoot without!  It takes extreme talent to squeak  a dog toy to get the dogs to “smile” AND hold a reflector at the same time. 

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lindsey said...

Great pics Maria! Thank you so much for giving us some previews. You got some awesome pics of the doggies :) I can't wait to see the rest.

It was good to see you again too.

Blessings to your family, both those who are with you and those you have not met yet.