Thursday, January 3, 2013

Piecing Together Our Needed Funds

Our baby girl's room is READY
(pictures coming soon!).

We have a car seat, a carrier, diapers, a few outfits and I'm working on getting some bottles...

So what's left?

Now begins the work of piecing together the remaining fund we need to bring her home!


Since our adoption is a private adoption the majority of our remaining costs will be legal fees.  Our adoption will begin in North Carolina and will be finalized in South Carolina- so we will have to utilize lawyers in both states.  We anticipate these fees will be approximately $9,000 due when we bring Ruthie home in March.  We have made arrangements with the ABBA Fund for a loan to cover part of our fees and are also in the process of applying for a local adoption grant.  With the loan, the grant and our previous fundraising efforts we anticipate needing to raise an additional $3,000 in the next 2 months! 

So we are asking you to join with us and help us bring Ruthie home!! We are going to use a great idea a friend has been using for her fundraising, and piece together a puzzle as folks contribute towards our legal and documentation fees.

Each piece will be $30, and we will write the name of each person who buys a piece (or pieces) on the back of the piece, and eventually frame the puzzle in a double glass frame. It will be a constant reminder, to hang on our wall, of those who came together to help bring Ruthie home.

Below is the image of the puzzle we are putting together:

100 pieces @ $30 a piece= $3,000 raised (if fully completed) 

You can participate in this fundraiser in a few ways:

  • Use the secure PayPal link above to donate any amount online (scroll up and click on the DONATE button above our family picture :)
  • You can send us a check for any amount to our home address OR to our Post Office Box
    • Ferguson Family
      PO BOX 1771
      Fort Mill, SC 29716
  • Or if you are local to the Fort Mill area I am happy to collect the funds from you anywhere that is convenient (including at church on Sundays!)        

For every $30 donated, we will write your name on the back of a puzzle piece, and Ruthie will forever know the loved ones who helped bring her home.
We have  less than 2 months, friends. We would be grateful if you would help spread the word by posting on your blogs or on facebook or twitter. (If you post, please leave a comment & let us know so that we can thank you!)

If you would like you can cut and paste this message on Facebook: 

"Help piece together the funds to bring Ruthie home! The Ferguson’s have less than 2 months to raise $3000- it's as simple as $30 for a puzzle piece! Be a part of bringing her home to her forever family!
Go to and donate today!"

This is a huge task ahead. It is a lot to raise in a short period of time. But we believe that nothing is impossible with God, and it is His hurdle to jump, His sea to part, His mountain to move. We believe He has asked us to adopt this little girl who needs a family, and we will trust Him to provide.

Thank you for all of your love and support and prayers! We are truly grateful! Let's watch and see what God can do!!

With the deepest gratitude,
The Ferguson's

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Heather said...

I shared it on my facebook page friend! Praying for God to move in an amazing way!