Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Josh!

Meet sweet, Josh!  Is he adoreable, or what? 
A friend of mine and Josh's mama, Danielle, gave this family a "gift session" as a welcome baby gift- great idea, don't you think?
I really enjoyed my time with Josh and can't wait to share what we captured.
LOVE the light in these- they make Josh' baby blues SHINE!

I love seeing his "focus" in this one

What a joyful fellow!

Here's one of Josh and his beautiful Mama, Jen.

This one has to be my favorite from the day!  Love all the love in those eyes .

And to close, who can resist little fingers and little toes???  LOVE! 

Thank you, Jen and Josh for a great afternoon and thank you, Danielle, for your insane support of our adoption! 

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