Monday, January 30, 2012

If they weren't family- I'd be in trouble! (2of2)

Well, I thought I'd use the last few minutes of the boys' naptime to make good on my final promise!  Here are some of my favorites from the newlyweds' late-fall shoot.
Meet my beautiful sister (and assistant!), Diana, and her daper husband, Paul!

The Sutton's are currently a family of 3- Diana, Paul and Joleene!

I love Diana's expression in this one

My sister is absolutely beautiful :)

Her hubby isn't too bad either ;)

Here are a few of my favorite black and white shots

All 3 Sutton's were a pleasure to shoot!  A special thank you to my hubby for assisting me in this shoot- he did a GREAT job!

And to close I thought I'd point out how much my beautiful sister looks like our beautiful Mom

PS- I will begin booking outdoor SPRING portraits soon! 
 Please let me know if you're interested!

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