Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Daddy Speaks- Adoption is Real

Last Sunday was Orphan Sunday.  

As I mentioned in my last post, on Orphan Sunday, Christians across the world stand for the orphan. We take the weekend to discuss and pray for ways to defend the fatherless…to care for the child that has no family…to visit orphans in their distress.

Niles was asked to share at our church what the Lord had been teaching him regarding adoption...

{I was SO proud of him!}

Niles spoke about the "real" and legitimate effect adoption has on our lives as believers in Christ as well as it's effect on our family.

In case you missed it, you can listen to the audio from the 9:00 service HERE.

We want to say "Thank you" to our church family for the opportunity to share what we have been learning.  We pray that everyone would take some time this week to think about and thank the Lord for their adoption in Christ.  We also pray that you will ask the Lord how YOU could be used by him to minister to the least of these. 

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